Vakantiefietser op Russische televisie

De BBC heeft hier wel eens gefilmd en begin mei was hier NTV. Een Russische tv-zender met 100 miljoen kijkers. Stel je eens voor dat je 1 promille van 1 promille van de kijkers als klant krijgt, hoeveel zullen dat er dan zijn?

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Hieronder staat de tekst die onder het filmpje staat. Het stuk is vertaald door Babelfish, dus er kunnen fouten inzitten:-)

In Holland they note the day of cyclist. Traditionally all reseat to the two-wheeled machines. Although the Netherlands so are most bicycle country of peace.For the local residents the bicycle is — not simply convenient means of transportation, but also entire cult. Practically on each rural or urban street are special paths for the passage (not to confuse with the pavements), velostoyanki velomasterskiye.Details — in the correspondent OF NTV Sergey kholoshevskiy. Dutchmen they note the day of cyclist. Polzhizni they carry out on top of “iron horse”, and as it can be differently, they simply do not represent. Dutchmen on the bicycles can make anything. To work, to rest or, for example, to play on the pipe. So that real bicycle orchestra can be seen only here.

Pedestrians in Holland in the explicit minority. To cyclists — universal honor and respect. For them separate paths, light signals and parkingi.

Velosipedistka: “this is typical for Holland and it is very convenient. In me here and the child sits, and another trunk of large was placed “.

Velosipedistka: “bicycle — this is my friend. Its especially that part, where 4 to treasure its bag “.

Cyclist: “I think that in Russia gasoline cheap, and for us here to economize is necessary”.

“three meters of water and the meter of bicycles” — this already about the depth of Amsterdam channels. Steal bicycles frequently, therefore, the rustier the “iron horse”, the better.

When to Amsterdam arrives the team of Germany along the football, then most popular krichalka in Dutch fans sounds as follows: “return to us our bicycles!” During the war the Germans confiscated them for the needs of army. Dutchmen cannot forgive this to them, until now.

When in Holland the first bicycle appeared, it is difficult to say. But that that it from the means of transport became national idea — indisputably. On it roll themselves all from the simple worker to prime minister.

Eric, the owner of the bicycle store: “you look, the speed-control mechanism is calculated for 100 thousand kilometers. Special durable rubber. Brake system is filled not with air, but by oil. Titanium housing. This is super-bicycle! Well it stands about five thousand Euro- “.

The only country, where Eric during his krugosvetki on the bicycle did not decide to drop in — Russia. He indicates that also the roads are poor, and language difficult.

Only about one Dutchmen they do think, how many children it is possible to transport on one bicycle?

Ben, the bicycle master: “usually one child they plant to the frame, the second child will go on the baggage carrier. If children are entirely small, then on the baggage carrier it is possible to two together plant them. There is an even more special trailer for the children “.

The Dutchmen relate seriously to the selection of bicycle. They can by hours discuss saddle. If someone he thinks that bicycle here this is exceptionally municipal transport, then it deeply makes mistakes. In the Dutch provinces everything also occurs.

The large-family family of Franz is gathered to the bicycle jaunt. On foot not to go. For Holland bicycle — this is the perfect form of transport. Nothing more convenient yet they devised. In the war of machines and bicycles the “treadle horses” here gained convincing victory.

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  2. Vdbussche l.

    Het woord eccentrisch is fout. Het moet zijn “excentrisch”,wat betekent buiten het middelpunt. Een verwant woord is vb excentriek, of excentriekeling wat een zonderling betekent. Ik begrijp niet, als je de pretentie hebt je kennis en wedervaren aan iedereen te willen vertellen, dat je de moeite niet doet om een juiste taal te gebruiken.Dit komt helaas veel voor bij Nederlandse websites.