The Holiday biker is the leading store on our little planet specialized in touring bicycles. But also biking and camping equipment, waterproof panniers, multifunctional clothing, matrasses, guidebooks, maps and a lot more.

About the Holiday biker

Eric Schuijt

The Holiday biker originated from my passion to travel by bicycle. I have travelled over 250.000 kilometer through at least 90 countries. I wrote 8 books about those journeys and shot several films.

  • Make a Europe tour on your brand new bike. Get your tax refund after taking your bicycle home.
  • Let us ship your bicycle and get it delivered on your doorstep. Import taxes are charged depending on your homecountry.
  • Take a look at the collection of happy customers. Who knows somebody from your neighbourhood is on the list.

Mail, call or visit us!

  • We are the Rohloff specialists
  • We are the largest Koga Signature and idworx dealer in the world
  • We sell most Santos TravelMasters in Holland
  • Everything we sell is tested by us in the field
  • Up to date information about charging possibilities
  • Everybody who works here, travelled all over the world
  • We help you chose a bike that suits your demands, we do not push you in a direction of a certain brand.
  • We can help to plan your Europe or World tour.
  • Our service is unmatched, as many of our customers found out.
  • Customers from around the world.
  • Customers from: USA, Brasil, Angola, Argentin, Australia, Azerbajian, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malasia, Mexico, New Zeeland, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine, Tasmania, South Africa and even Kazachstan! And closer by from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and the UK.

Coffee, tea and sweets are waiting!

How can we help you? (still in Dutch though)

How to chose a holiday bike?
Our bicycles
On the road: repair films

Our brands

Koga Signature vakantiefietsenSantos vakantiefietsenidworx vakantiefietsen

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  2. Alex Shikhman

    Hello! I am looking for a Koga Denham bar, I am wondering if you can help—and if so, are you willing to ship to the US?
    Thank you,

  3. Louis Berube


    I visited your shop for a few hours 10 years ago while bicycle touring the Netherlands and was very impressed. Eric was there then. I plan on returning this summer with hopes of purchasing a new bike. I am interested in a Tout Terrain Outback Xplore 27.5 (possibly Medium). My plan is to cycle for 2 months after arriving, selling my bike and purchasing a new one. Would 2 months be enough time to have this happen if I started and ended my trip in Amsterdam?

  4. Andreas

    I placed an order, but didnt receice an email.
    How long does it take to get a Mail?

  5. Eric Schuijt

    Hi Andreas,

    we answer mails within one workingday.

  6. Iain Strachan

    I am wondering if you have this part, please:

    busch+müller Replacement Mount for Cycle Star Rear-View Mirror
    black/universalItem number 42205-2-1

    Thank you, Iain

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