For some years The Holidaybiker is the biggest Santos Travelmaster dealer in The Netherlands. We have sold quite a number of Santosses with a beltdrive.

The Santos Travelmaster is built in Holland as you order; custom-built they call it. The boys from the Lowlands are impressively progressive. You have the possibility to chose over 26 frame coulors and almost 80 transfers.
‘If this belt is good enough for a Harley motorbike, it might be just what we need on our bicycles’. Therefore Santos introduced the Rohloff / Gates ‘belt-drive’ five years ago. I have to admit, a bike without chain, but with a belt rides very special.

It takes about 5 weeks to get your bike ready, but for special requests I will call Santos to make your deadline.

Some models are available within 10 days. The so called specials are matt black annodized frames, built up with a Shimano Deore-LX or XT group. Magura HS11 and HS33 hydraulic brakes are optional.

Oops, almost forgotten, we also supply the Santos tandem. Perhaps the most stiff touring tandem around.
All bikes are available in our for test rides if you want to purchase a bike at De Vakantiefietser/The Holiday Biker.

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Santos TM 2.8 alu
(available for test riding)The most popular Travelmaster with 28″wheels.
Solid, oversized, tubes to get a stiff frame.
Also available as a mixte frame, although a bit less stiff. (picture below)

Price from € 1.449,- or € 1.198,- excl. 21% VAT


Santos TM 2.6 alu
(available for test riding, with belt drive and Rohloff hub)The popular around the world bike from Santos.
More than just a bike, even suitable for rough terrains and single tracks.
Aluminium frame and 26 inch wheels.
Price from € 1.449,- or € 1.198,- excl. 21% VAT
Santos Travel Lite
(available for test riding, with Rohloff hub)The latest touringbike from Santos. A chic, well finished off aluminum frame with hydraulic FIRMtech brakes. Built for balloon tires, think about air suspension!
Price from € 2.719,- or € 2.198,- excl. 21% VAT
(With Rohloff speed hub only)
Santos Trekking Lite
(available for test riding)
One of the coolest Santos frames available. This is a very light bike, with Magura FIRMtech brakes and a back carrier only. A low rider is not a possibility. If you bike around without camping gear and cooking equipment, go ahead. I call this the creditcard tourer, for you have to stay in B & B’.
Price from € 1.830,- or € 1512,- excl. 21% VAT
Santos Race Lite
(available for test riding)Honestly this bike does not suit our assortment. It’s too light.On the other hand: this bicycle is so gorgeous, I just fell in love with it. It combines two worlds. Speed of a racer and comfort of a light randonneur.Price from € 3.790,- or € 3.132,- excl. 21% VAT
Santos E-Bike
(available for test riding)The Holidaybiker can mount a small engine in a Travelmaster or a Travel Lite and turn it into an e-tourer. Not to break speed records, but to keep up with others, to increase your reach with a couple of miles or to get to work in time.
Although this is not an option at Santos yet, I do have the approval from Santos to do the e-ajustments.
Additional cost to a new Santos € 1.500,- or € 1.240,- excl. 21% VAT

  • Download the Santos-brochure (pdf, 3 MB)
  • Mail, Call or skype and we will help you customize your Santos. Certain components we recommend, others we do not. You are always told why. There are examples available in the store and we continue the options where Santos halts, just to make your bike more perfect than you can imagen. That is our experience.
  • On the Santos site you can make a beginning customizing your bike.

Oh yeah, if you come to pick up your bike, you will be measured on our unique fitting frame, to avoid pain in your back, neck, wrist or knee. And what about your behind? That’s a matter of cultivating callus, no punishment on your new Santos.

Santos Travelmaster 2.8alu Lady
Santos Trekking Lite Lady










Have a look at this beauty. Can you see what coulor can do; nice brown transfers on a vanilla white frame, topped off with a honey brown Brooks saddle and matching leather grips. Along with the belt-drive, Rohloff speedhub, Magura HS33 brakes, SON headlight and hub dynamo. As good as it gets…

To the right you see Line’s Santos. She is a primary school teacher and took her Santos to class. You cant start young enough…


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