A bike is nothing but a frame with some parts screwed on.

The frames of the brands we sell are all well made, but all very different.
There are differences in geometry, wheel size, stiffness, material and the most difficult one to choose: the colour.

We made many cyclists happy with a Rohloff speed hub, so I’ve written a lot about it. This info page is aimed at both beginner as well as advanced cyclists.

As a traditional cyclist, I am not a huge fan of novelties. The belt drive though is an exception. I have tested it on a Koga Signature in the North-east of India. Only after this heavy duty testing, I was convinced.

What are other parts that you need to pay attention to while touring by bike? The contact points between the bike and your body.

  • a seat to sit on, zadel
  • the handlebars and grips to steer with, stuur
  • pedals to crank

I wrote an article full of tips and ideas for when you want to buy a new touring bicycle. nieuwe vakantiefiets
And even more for when you are ready to go. vakantiefiets.

Trouble on the way? Watch our repair movies, check our app, send us a mail or call.

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