Happy customers

The last couple of years a growing number of customers from abroad have found the holiday biker. Well not during covid, but after it was business as usual. I have asked them to have their picture taken, or sometimes they send us one. A very nice collection from the most surprising countries you can imagen.

Sure, sometimes it is busy and we forget to take your picture. Please send us one and we will put you on the list!


This couple Patrick and Marjory from Canada will first cycle in the Netherlands, then Europe and then they will fly back home from Amsterdam.

Mary and Stephen from Texas, USA will cycle a few days before bicycle is shipped to Portugal and they will continue travelling through Europe from there.

Stephen will cycle to Maastricht with his new Koga Worldtraveller Signature to visit his family there. After that he will go back to Canada.

Merrick has opted for a Santos Travel Lite, a bike that is specifically suited to travelling with a Rohloff hub and a belt drive. Moreover, this bike has the best rim brake system in the world, the FIRM tech system. Merrick, I hope you enjoy your new bike!

Lori came over all the way from the United States, together with her partner, to make a bike trip through Europe. First things first: picking up her new bicycle at De Vakantiefietser. Her partner put his own bike together in our shop, as they arrived directly from Schiphol. Now Lori was so satisfied, that she considered biking past the Koga factory in Heerenveen. Personally, I think that is a great idea and I am curious to hear whether you actually did!

When you live in Denmark, like Clare, it’s a big task to order a bicycle at De Vakantiefietser. It’s not a matter of choosing, packing and taking the bicycle home. Customers have to wait at least 6-12 weeks for their bicycle to be ready (especially since the shortage of parts in the bicycle industry).

John bought his Santos Travelmaster in 2008. In the meantime he has travelled the world for five years. Once in a while we ship parts to far away countries, yours perhaps. Now he is visiting Holland and came to say hi.

Abel from Brasil with his Santos Travelmaster.

Pour monsieur Rob en route a France. Pour son vojage en Afrique.

On their way from Bergen to the north, this picture was taken on the Vesteralen.

We have had a beautifull tour and an exceptionally mild summer for a place north of the polar circle, sometimes above 28 degrees C. Locals began calling it “Costa del Norge”.

Yesterday we met a first fellow Santos rider. The bikes are terrific and our calves are growing. See you in september for a maintanance job.

Els en Marie Lou
(two Flemish customers)

The ‘Brettens’ sent a picture from Norway, their homecountry. They are still very happy with their idworx All Rohlers/p>

Greg and Anita from Australia with their Travelmasters 2.9. Expereinced as they are, it is no surprise they chose a beltdrive, Rohloff hub and SON hub dynamo. First they will fare the sees with the Europe vessel and onwards they will ride their bikes.

Nicole from Canada with her Koga Signature. This lady has been riding for quite a while and did so in Europe with her caracteristic ‘big smile’. Sun or rain.

The first bicycle we sold to somebody from Azerbeidjan. Tural will get a Santos Travelmaster. Take a good look at how tiny we can pack it!

In march 2013 I measured Ingvald and Jorunn from Norway. They promised to order a pair a year later.
A month ago they sent an order for two Koga Signatures. Unfortunately Koga was closed for holidays, therefor I introduced them the brand idworx, which I can deliver really fast. They chose All Rohlers.
Ingvald and Jorunn took all kinds of Norwegian delicasy’s. The dried fish tasted great, but the special cheese a bit less.

A great example of mouth to mouth advertisement. Gerry and Halina O’Driscoll heard such good stories about us Down Under. That they asked to ship their new bikes to Ireland, toured the island and flew home to Australia.

Eric from the States. He used to drive racing cars, blue and yellow coloured. Now he rides a Santos Travelmaster 2.9 in the same colour setting.

Jennifer from Switzerland with her Koga Signature with Rohloff and beltdrive.

Thats me and a had DHL employee. This Santos box containes a Koga Signature and is on its way to New Sealand. Its a birthday present, from an old customer to her son.

Maxim from Israel with a Koga Signature.

Douwe from Zurich; “I could buy this bike in Switzerland, but they lack the expertise I found at the Vakantiefietser.”


Colin took these pictures in Yorkshire.

He pointed out the close up of the phone booth: “Note I cropped the second picture in the style of Piet Mondrian, if he had been a Vakantiefietser!”

Chris from Cumbria, near Carlisle, with a idworx Easy Rohler. He took a ferry to Ijmuiden, a cab to Amsterdam and left for England with his bicycle right away.

Roberto from Italy with an idworx Off Rohler.

Ian from Engeland with an idworx Easy Rohler Evo. His bike was fully loaded for he carried two weeks of food supplies along.

Basak from Istanbul with her Koga Signature Rohloff and beltdrive.

Timothy from England on a Koga Worldtraveller 29.

Suzan and Rasmus are a Swedish couple. They left Sweden on an antique tandem, made it to Amsterdam with only 5 serious repairs and hoped to reach South Africa. When our mechanic was working on their bicycle, they took our showroom model for a ride.
When their old tandem was repaired, we shipped it back to Sweden. Suzan and Rasmus continued their quest on our Santos Double Travel. I am sure it will reach South Africa with a lot less repairs.

This is their website: www.travelsbytandem.com/se

Gretha and Judi are two New Sealand lassies with a world tour ahead.
A couple of weeks ago they had ordered their bikes. Amsterdam turned out to be a really nice city to kill two weeks time before the bikes were ready. Now they must be riding somewhere on this globe,on their Santos Travelmasters.

Gerdi from St.Albans (Engeland) with her classic Koga Randonneur, hitting the road for op Turkey, Iran, Azerbeijan and the Caucasus.

Austrian Hannes, no lederhosen, but a sweet idworx Easy Rohler.

Alasdair Sincliar from Australia picked up his bike last year.
He has toured the US and you are able to read all about him on this sitezijn site.

Our first customer from Kazachstan: Dimitri. He packed his Koga Signature himself and will leave for Petropavlosk tomorrow.
Lets see if we will get a lot of customers from that town comming years.

Aly from Switzerland.

David from the US. First his spouse came to case the joint, apparently she gave permission; David ordered a new bicycle by mail.

Jenny, an experienced Australian cyclist, ordered her bike a few months ago. She picked it up in June and started touring.

Meet the Duthie’s. Mum and dad rented some Gazelle bikes to tour around. Their daughters, Katrine and Alice, will join them on two of our ‘real’ touring bikes. Afterwards they will bring back the Gazelles and take ours home Down Under.

Naveen and Robin. Naveen will go to Asia and Robin, really, will join her on his skate board. Watch them roll: www.rollmehome.com

Lucas from Canada: “Ready to roll! Thanks for helping me pick an awesome bike that I hope to have many memorable adventures on. I couldn’t have asked for a better bike buying experience as all the staff at De Vakantiefietser were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and treated me like family.”

Ursula from Poland fetched her bike and brought it home by plane. Standing just behind her is Frank. He was so impressed by our store, the bikes and service that on the spot he decided to buy one too. It was shipped to Spain three weeks later.
Ursula: “We enjoyed it very much and thanks for your time. Lucky we! The encounter was very inspirational. Say ‘hello’ to the girls for putting my bike together en to your colleague with the curly hair.”

Karla and André are a truely wonderfull couple from Brasil. They started their world tour in Amsterdam, to arrive in Sao Paolo three years later.

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