Book Always The Sun door Lydia Leibbrandt


Book: Always The Sun A memoir on cycling, womanhood and monsters, door Lydia Leibbrandt. Dit boek is een reisverhaal in Engels, daarom is de omschrijving hierbeneden ook Engels:) Zij rijdt op een stoere Santos Travelmaster 2.6.

One late summer day, twenty-year-old Lydia sets off to cycle from the Netherlands to China. With a bicycle and tent as her only steadfast companions, she spends two years roaming the roads of this world.

Along the way Lydia encounters not only magnificent landscapes and extraordinary people, but also the dreams and doubts of a passionate girl coming of age. She receives advice from Iranian feminists, joins a refugee support collective in Greece and regularly gets ambushed by her vexatious inner monsters. While crossing the highest of mountains and the hottest of deserts, the traveler wrestles with the question of where suffering comes from, and sheds new light on how we might approach it.

Always The Sun combines the personal with the political, despair with humor and descriptions with ideas, creating a vivid canvas of one young woman’s courageous life.

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Het boek Always The Sun van Lydia Leibbrandt, een memoir van het fietsen.

Dit boek is in Engels, daarom is de omschrijving ook in Engels:)
A memoir on cycling, womanhood and monsters.

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