Denham handlebar (31.8mm) (september 2021)


This Handlebar was invented by Alee Denham, a famous bicycle worldtourer who has loads of product knowledge and bicycling experience. He writes about his journeys on his website

The handlebar with the integrated bars at the ‘inside’ of the handlebar, keeps the middle between added inner bar ends and an aerobar. It is ideal when you are used to ride a road race bike – with drop bars, but you want to use a flatbar. Because of the distance between the inner bars and the upward curve, the position resembles very much that of your hands on the brake levers of a dropbar. And bikepacking sweet rolls, handlebar bag fits in between the little bars easily, without your fingers getting crushed or even frictioned.

The grips (as on the picture) are not included

Please note: the size is 31.8 mm


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  • Handlebar with integrated inner bar ends
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Angle of bend of the handlebar: approximately 34 degrees, bar-ends 15 degrees, inner bend 8 degrees.
  • Width: 71 cm
  • Width inner bar ends: 40 cm
  • Take notice: the diameter size at the stem is 31,8 mm (oversized).
  • The grips (as on the picture) are not included

Extra informatie

Gewicht25001 g
handlebar diamete at stem 31,8 mm

Handlebar diameter 31,8 (oversized).